7 Ways to Use Your Explainer Video

The main reason businesses have explainer videos created is for marketing. But there’s a lot more that you can do with these videos than simply place them on your website and have your visitors view them.

Let’s take a look at several ways that you can use explainer videos to your advantage.

1.    Place Explainer Videos On Landing Pages

I’m shocked by how many people don’t use explainer videos on their landing pages. Studies show that videos can increase conversions by 20% or more when placed on a landing page. If you’re landing pages are under performing or you want to lure in more sales, add your explainer video to your landing page.

2.    Presentations

A good way to warm up a presentation is to start with an explainer video. You’ll be showing your video to investors, businesses or consumers to catch their attention before you go into your own presentation.

Many businesses will also use this at conferences or conventions where their video will continually be played at their booth.

3.    Email

If you have a mailing list, send out your explainer video to your potential buyers. I would even go as far as mentioning the word video in the subject title to increase open rates.

You can also add your explainer video to your email signature, which will allow you to have your video seen by anyone you correspond with through email. While you don’t want to spam potential leads, you do want to place your video in front of them to increase your exposure.

4.    Social Media and Profiles

Do you have your explainer video linked in your social profiles? If not, you’re not utilizing your video appropriately. Social media followers interact with video and images much more than they do with text alone.

When you update your Facebook or Twitter, add your video to your update.

You can also do this with your LinkedIn profile in a fun and creative way to attract viewers and potential customers at the same time.

5.    Sales Pitches

The reason that explainer videos are so popular is that they help bring in sales. The presentation of the video allows for a quick understanding of your product, while also grabbing the attention of the viewer. You’ll be able to demonstrate your product or service quickly and efficiently in a short video.

If you’re pitching a sale, present your video and let it be the salesperson.

I’ve also found that when it’s a little bit too early to present your video, you can simply send a follow-up email with the video attached to the potential buyer. It’s a great way to get your message heard as fast as possible.

6.    Blogs

Text is a little boring. People have the attention span of a goldfish. When you have a blog filled with images or video, people tend to pay more attention and spend more time on the page.

If you’ve just written a great blog post that is geared towards your customers, add in your video to break up the text and lure in potential leads.

I also recommend going through your analytics to find pages that are performing well. If a particular blog post is very popular, update it and add the video up top with a call to action to the viewer. Follow these posts diligently, and see if the video has been able to provide you with a solid return.

7.    Use It in Real Life

You’re out at a business convention, and you’re talking to somebody who seems very interested in your product or service. Instead of directing them to your website, pull out your tablet or smartphone and show them the video.

Let your video act as your digital business card.

When used in real life, the video will open up the conversation about your business and help to break the ice with potential clients.

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