Re-activate Old Relationships

Need a quick way to drum up some business? One of the best things you can do is re-activate old relationships with past customers. However, this sometimes becomes difficult to do without being invasive. An easy way to do this is through video!

Grab the emails of all of your past customers and compile them in a list. If you only have 50-100 it is fine to use your normal email. If you have a big list, head over to MailChimp. Why MailChimp? You can add up to 2,000 subscribers for free! They also have some awesome email templates that really pop.

Upload all of your contacts and create a campaign. In the email write something along the lines of

“This email is going out to all past customers of ‘XYZ Company’. We just had a pretty cool video made that we would love for you to watch and also to get some feedback on. Here is the link**** It was created to show people what we are all about! Hope all is well with you.”

So what this does is give a non-invasive reconnection. You are not emailing saying “Hey haven’t heard from you in a bit, have any work for me?” That sounds way too desperate and will put a lot of people off. By just saying you had a video made and more importantly that you want some feedback on it, people will be more receptive. On top of that people love giving their opinions, so it will most likely get a response. When they watch the video they will be reminded of what you are all about and a project or two might come to mind that they need done.

A lot of our clients use this technique and it works wonders. Just another way you can use video to really boost your business!

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