Video Makes Boring Companies Hip

Video has the potential to make a boring company hip. As a business owner or professional, you know that certain industries are simply not interesting. Perhaps someone in the electronics industry may find a new transistor to be fun and exciting, but to the average person? Not so much.

Consumers only care that a product works – unless it’s integral to fixing a problem they have.

The biggest issue that many businesses have is that they don’t know how to make their boring company or concept interesting to the masses – it’s a difficult problem to approach. Part of the solution is using video to make your company hip and exciting.

Videos Are Social Media Fireworks

Social media loves video. A great statistic from 2015 shows us that 50% of all data consumed on mobile devices was video. Where are people watching these videos on their mobile devices? Social media websites.

Your video can be posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking site to make sure it’s seen by your target audience.

It’s no secret that consumers and clients love video. And when you make a video, it instantly makes your company a little hipper and “in the now.” With the enhanced exposure of video, the right story will be shared and promoted by your target audience.

You’ll be able to use your video on:

– New social networks.
– For promotional reasons.
– In the future.

The great thing about video is that it can be used on a variety of mediums that allow you to be at the forefront of the marketing industry.

Videos Can Tell a Fun Story

Video is all about telling the story. You have fun visuals, sounds, audio and various other aspects that help bring the video to life. The real secret to creating a video that makes your company hip is the perfect story.

You need a story that:

– Resonates with the viewer.
– Engages the viewer and keeps them interested.
– Brings fun and excitement to your business.

If your story is flat and boring, there is no way that your video will be able to transform the image of your company.

Sounds and Voiceovers Can Connect to Viewers

Engaging all of the viewer’s senses is an amazing way to keep them interested in your product or service. You’ll definitely be using imagery, but you also need to make sure that your:

– Sounds are placed appropriately in your video
– Voiceovers are fun, exciting and click with the viewer.

Why do so many companies use voiceovers that have a foreign accent? They grab the viewer’s attention and make their company hip. Even Geico’s little mascot is from Australia because it’s something different and unique; not the same, monotone voice that many businesses use in their videos.

Videos can bring life to your company, but you need to have the right video created to make your company hip. This means a video that tells a story, answers questions and really resonates with the viewer all while keeping your company’s message in front of the viewer.

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