3 Marketing Techniques That Will Surprise You in 2016

I’m not going to lie: marketing will continue on the same path that it did in 2015. You’ll find that video will remain increasingly important, and may even be more important in 2016 than it is in 2015.

And knowing about these marketing techniques is now essential for preparing your marketing strategy in the coming year.

1.    Video Marketing Will Rise

It’s no surprise that 50% of all mobile data usage is tied to video consumption. Internet users are drawn to video because it’s fun, exciting and informative. People are bored of reading large walls of text, and video will be an important part of any marketing strategy or technique in 2016.

Explainer videos will rise in popularity, and businesses will find new uses for explainer videos.

Snapchat and Instagram have shown that video is very important. Many businesses will create their own stories using Snapchat, and explainer videos and story videos will also be posted to Instagram as well as YouTube and other video platforms.

2.    Content Marketing Will Continue to Prosper

Content marketing will continue to be popular in 2016 and the foreseeable future. Businesses will need to think outside of the box in terms of content to really stand out among the crowd. Content will include all digital assets, such as:

– Blog posts and articles
– White papers
– E-books
– Videos
– Images

Digital assets will need to be better managed, while also being promoted to the masses. Content marketing starts with the story, and every business will need to have their story told to prosper in 2016.

3.    Social Media Marketing Will Remain Vital

Social media is a beast that will not go away anytime soon. You’ll need to continue on with your social media marketing strategy, and the ever-growing number of social networks will make it difficult for you to manage your time appropriately.

You have a variety of different networks that you need to cater to:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Snapchat
– Vine
– Instagram
– YouTube
– LinkedIn

Don’t be afraid to share your digital assets among all of these networks, but be careful to include new information to keep followers interested. You don’t want to share the same exact content across all of the networks in fear of losing dedicated followers in the process. People want something new and exciting, and while it’s okay to share the same content sometimes, you don’t want to do it with every post you make.

Mobile Marketing Will Dominate in 2016

Mobile marketing is essential. You’ll need to optimize campaigns, your website and other assets to easily be viewed on mobile. Digital marketing needs to include mobile for all the millennials that are using mobile phones and tablets.

Statistics show that 87% of millennials are always in reach of a mobile device.

A startling statistic is that 86% of millennials think that websites lack functionality. And 14% of Internet users have stated that they will not do business with a company that doesn’t have a mobile site. If your company still doesn’t have a mobile-optimized site or you’re not using mobile to your marketing advantage, it’s time to start now.

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