Annapolis Green Dental

Video created for a holistic dental practice in Annapolis MD.


Video created for a overhead garage door company.

Champion Roofing

Is your roof leaking? Call Champion!

Cornerstone Tax Services

When was the last time you said “I Love My Tax Preparer?

Cosmetic Dental Associates

Video created for a large cosmetic dental facility in San Antonio, TX.

David Gansfuss Agency

We all know how boring insurance can be! This client wanted a quick fun video to briefly explain some points that people may not be aware of.

Flexible Communications

Fun video created for a communications company.

IWC Dental Marketing

A dental advertising company that focuses on internet marketing to generate leads for businesses.

Morningstar Family Health Center

Fun video explaining the difference between Morningstar and other doctors offices.

Northstar Pressure Washing and The Magic Wand

Pressure washing company that offers both residential and commercial services to the Houston, TX area.

One Roofing Company

Roofing company out in Las Vegas, NV!

Safe Snow Sweeper

Explainer video for a unique product that cleans the tops off of trucks and buses.


Sometimes getting your dog's coat on can be such a hassle! SnugPups is a great solution to that problem.

Steele Benefit Solutions

Video created for Steele Benefit Solutions.


Video created for SWS.

The Massage Therapy Group

Video created for a massage practice that wanted to explain to prospective customers how they are different from other massage facilities.

United Waterproofing LLC

Video created for one of our basement waterproofing clients. They wanted a fun story to go along with their video that described a typical situation they encounter.

Ant small

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