Our Process


Our colony of experienced writer ants conduct research about your business and industry to come up with the perfect script for your video. You can also supply your own script.


Based off of our research, we will write, revise and revise some more to make sure your video touches on all of your customer’s pain points. We’ll make it emotionally stimulating to drive consumer action.

Voice Recording

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our team of voice experts will enter the studio and begin recording the script for your video. We’ll make sure to catch the emotion of each word to make your video really hit home with your audience. After we’re done, we’ll send the audio file to your business colony for approval.


Using every last antenna that we have, our illustration team will start creating the “life” of your video. Through story boarding, we’ll create a mockup for your video and go through several phases until we create the perfect story for your brand. This allows for a visual representation of the written script and makes your message more memorable.

Animation + Sound

Illustrations come to life through animation. You’ll have your own colony of images moving seamlessly across the screen once the animation part is complete. Through sound, we’ll hit auditory senses with voiceovers and sound effects that move perfectly along with your video.


Once every last detail has been fine-tuned and polished to perfection, we’ll be ready to deliver the final product to you. Our ants will march over your HD video and even help you set it up on YouTube or Vimeo.


*Below you will find our pricing for custom videos. If these are out of budget we also offer more templated style videos at a very big discount. For more information on those or the custom packages please send us a message!

Leaf: $3,900

Leaf: $3,900

Our lightest package for businesses on a tight budget. We’ll work off of a custom 150 word script to create a concise, 60-second explainer video to target your company’s audience.

  • Entry Level Package
  • 60 Seconds of Stunning Video
  • 150 Word Script
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Seed: $4,700

Seed: $4,700

Seed is the best value package. Perfect for most clients, the seed package offers a 90-second, high-definition video that is based off of a 225 word, professional script.

  • Best Value Package
  • 90 Seconds of HD video
  • 225 Word Script
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Rock: $5,400

Rock: $5,400

The heaviest package we offer is the Rock. Using our entire colony, the Rock uses a very thorough 300-word script to educate your audience on your product or service. This is our most robust package.

  • Premium Package
  • 120 Seconds of Electrifying Video
  • 300 Word Script
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We believe in only the best for our colony of clients. This means every package we offer will include:


  • Professional script creation by the industry’s best copywriters.
  • Voiceover experts to make your video compelling.
  • Stunning sound effects and royalty-free background music.
  • Logo animation for brand recognition.
  • Professional typography.
  • Motion graphics and illustrations to bring your script to life.
  • Professional video editing to add the finishing touches to your video.
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Nathan, the owner of Animation Ants, did an awesome job in creating a short animation video to communicate how our medical practice is different than most. He was super to work with, efficient and quickly “got” the message we wanted to communicate on our website. I would highly recommend having a consultation with him!

Dr. Tevald

Morningstar Family Health Center

Extremely happy with Animation Ants! They took the time to know what we are all about and bring it to life in animation. Short, sweet and to the point! We are seeing some really great lead generation from the video. Almost everyone that comes into the office mentions how fun and different the video was. Thank you Animation Ants! We LOVE you too!!!

Lissa Leslie

Cornerstone Tax Services

Nathan was AMAZING to work with! I hired Nathan to help me create an animated video for a marketing client of mine. We needed to simply explain what it is my client can do to help their customers. It was hard (for us) to capture everything they do in a short, concise way, but not Nathan. Once we explained it to him, he easily explained how all we have to do is recognize a “pain point” for their client, and then tell them how you solve it. Well that was easy! Not only was it completely painless working with Nathan, but he always had great advice on what works and what doesn’t, and my client was more than over the moon with the resulting video! I would HIGHLY recommend Nathan for any website, animation or SEO work you may have. He is one creative and talented dude

Sheryl Sackett

Fuze Design

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