5 Storytelling Tips to Enhance Your Video Marketing

Video marketing is all about telling a story. You want to tell the story of your brand, and how you can provide a solution to the viewer’s problem.

Let’s say that you’re dentist, and your video tells the story of someone with a toothache. The patient goes online to research, and in the process, the tooth gets infected and becomes incredibly painful. Out of fear of going to the dentist, the patient gets a very bad infection that makes his/her tooth issues even worse.

Tying your business into the story is essential for the viewer. You’ll show how you’re a patient dentist that is affordable, local and able to help anyone with a toothache remedy the problem with ease.

This same storytelling can be implemented into any business.

Here are a few tips to help you enhance your video marketing through storytelling:

1.     Focus On the Use Case

Videos can be fun and exciting, but you need to focus on the use case of the video. Videos should build connections with the viewer, and nurture relationships. The ideal video will:

– Help viewers reach their goals.
– Resolve the viewer’s problem.
– Include shared interest among your audience.

You need a video that educates and the delights viewers while also compelling them to take an action: pick up the phone and call your business, order a product, or perform another action. Always focus on the customer first, and inject your brand for the use case. You must be the solution to the problem if you want to “click” with your viewers.

2.     Find Your Format

Every niche industry is different. You need to find a format that works for your business and your audience. This can be any of the following:

– How-to videos that help viewers remedy their problems.
– News that teaches the user of new industry advancements.
– Commentary from you, a professional in the industry.

A good way to accomplish this is through explainer videos that are short, concise and convey a message to your viewer.

3.     Show Personality

Your business is different, and personality is what sets you apart from the competition. Don’t be afraid to show personality in your videos. Be bold, assertive and convincing. Just remember that you don’t want to be too controversial and push potential leads away.

4.     Keep It Short

Why do big brands like to keep their videos short? The reason is that when you include too much information or go on tangents, you make it harder for the viewer to grasp the concept of the video.

You want to keep it short while also using common language, and keeping your objective in focus.

5.     Allow Visuals to Tell a Story

Video is all about imagery and sound. Your text should be relevant and tell a story, but your video and imagery can also tell a story without even using words.

It’s all about visual interpretation, and allowing your visual imagery to tell a story is very powerful.

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