Can Videos Generate More Leads on a Website Than Text?

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. A shocking statistic that came from 3M Corporation. When users read text, it takes them much longer to digest the content and actually process it in their brains.

Does that mean videos can generate more leads?

They can, but the content needs to be valuable. We know that, statistically, the viewer will be able to digest your videos faster than text, which is a necessity online when the average attention span has shrunk to less than a goldfish.

Our average attention span is just 8 seconds.

This means you need to pull in leads faster and more effectively to keep them interested in your offering and turn them from leads to conversions. There is no better and more concise way to achieve this than with a short explainer video.

Another study showed that 85% of all Internet users in the United States watch videos online. What is more important and impressive is that videos cause users to spend 100% more time on a webpage than text alone.

Ultimately, this gives your page at least 16 seconds to lure in a lead instead of just 8 seconds. That’s a major difference.

Video from a Marketing Perspective

If you’re trying to make sales using video, you have to look at the facts from a marketing perspective. Videos are meant to be engaging, and there is a reason people prefer watching television or listening to audiobooks over reading – it’s a lot faster, especially when you’re looking to buy a product or service.

When your leads are reading, they can consume just 20 words within 8 seconds.

If your copy is not mind-blowing and intoxicating, you’ll find most users don’t even read 28% of the words on your page before leaving. Videos, on the other hand, have a much higher retention rate, especially when they’re meant to solve a viewer’s problem.

The average video will hold the attention of the viewer for 2.7 minutes – more than enough time to close a sale.

This isn’t to say that text can’t be used creatively to convert leads – it can be – but it’s not nearly as effective. Working specifically with explainer videos, there is the benefit of:

– Demonstrating problems to viewers.

– Keeping videos short and concise.

– Showing how a product or service can solve a problem.

All of this can be squeezed into videos that are just 60 to 120 seconds long.

Videos break through the attention barrier that the Internet has created and have been shown to increase conversion rates by 20% – 30% with nearly 50% of all leads watching the video. Videos work great for generating leads and are far superior to their text counterparts. That’s a fact!

Adding information into a short video just makes sense.

Videos reveal the benefits of a product or service in a natural way that appeals to your audience. Plain text is boring and doesn’t provide that personal touch that consumers are expecting from innovative companies.

What would you rather do?

  • Read hundreds of words of text?
  • Watch a short video?

Since videos retain the user’s attention, all of the information your video provides will be consumed and more likely to be retained. Videos also have the major benefit of increasing social shares and attracting 3 times the amount of inbound links than text.

Ultimately, videos will boost your online marketing efforts while leading to higher conversions.

Build Confidence and Brand Recognition before a Sale

Price isn’t the only factor that makes consumers turn to competitors. Consumers are also looking for confidence and brand recognition. Videos entice consumers to buy, but there is a reason behind this motivation.

Consumers need confidence.

This isn’t just marketers saying this either; 52% of consumers state that watching videos makes them more confident when making a purchasing decision. People want to see how you can solve their problems, and if they’re not confident, they will be reluctant to buy.

Yes, there are many ways to do this:

– Free samples

– Quotes and estimates

– Consultations

But, getting a user’s initial confidence is much easier with video. Another study showed that when consumers watched a video about a product or service, they were 174% more likely to make a purchase. Product demonstrations were found to be the most effective video type of all.

Videos are powerful and flexible in all phases of the sales cycle.

The quality of the video does alter the effectiveness of making a sale. Videos of low quality have a negative impact on brands, and can actually hurt a brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. To be the most effective, it’s important for all videos to be professional and target a specific consumer persona.

Text is still important and it will always be important, but adding video for converting leads is simply unmatched. It is a way to provide a concise, targeted message that is seen and fully understood by visitors while holding their short attention span for much longer.

Leads want your product or service, and videos can close the deal faster and more effectively than text.

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