Explainer Videos: The Perfect Marketing Tool for All Businesses

Does your company’s videos target your market in a fun and exciting way? That is the goal of explainer videos. These are videos that are seen all over the Internet for one reason – they work. Before we talk about how these videos can help your business generate more leads, differentiate itself from the competition and make more money, you need to fully understand what these videos are.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are concise, short videos that:

  • – Introduce your business to the viewer.
  • – Discusses your product or service.
  • – Boost your website’s conversion rate.

These videos touch on the viewer’s emotions. Normally, a problem will be presented; something that is a main issue in your field. If you’re a dentist, the problem may be that dentists are scary, and that achy cavity will only get worse over time.

After the problem is presented, it’s time to discuss your business.
Building on the dentist example, you may view your clients as special and take the time to get to know them. Using noninvasive numbing agents or the industry’s best laughing gas, your patients ever experience pain and actually have fun at your office – not dread.

It’s the perfect way to hit on the viewer’s emotions while explaining your products or services.
All of this is done without the use of an actual person. Instead, animations are used as the “person” that is presenting the viewer’s:

  • – Problem
  • – Your services or products (the solution)

The best part is that explainer videos leave the viewer informed and ready to pick up the phone or click for more information on your website. It’s the perfect solution for small- and mid-sized businesses to promote themselves.

One of the most undervalued portions of the video is the most important. While graphics and animation keep the visitor interested, the script is where the video truly sells your service. It’s the same marketing sales letters that have been used for centuries, yet added in a new, stimulating video that aims to keep the attention of the viewer and promote your business in a non-threatening, sales-oriented manner.

It’s the perfect combination of creativity and imagery needed to increase leads and sales.

How Explainer Videos Benefit Businesses

Videos are the perfect type of content for generating leads. A study conducted in 2012 showed that the average attention span of a human has dropped since 2000. Technology has caused us to switch focus and be less attentive than before.

How bad is our attention span? Worse than a goldfish. In fact, we are sure a lot of readers barely got past this point in our article without skimming.

The average attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds and in 2012, the average attention span was 8 seconds. It’s a big problem for businesses that are trying to market themselves to potential consumers that simply don’t have the attention span they once had.

Explainer videos break through these attention span barriers easier than long, drawn out videos that seemingly don’t convert the way they used to in the past.

With such a short attention span, videos need to be short. Most explainer videos are:

  • – 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes in length.

This allows for an attention-grabbing introduction that is complemented by a shorter video length that holds the viewer’s attention. The average explainer video is:

  • – Watched for 2.5+ minutes.
  • – Converts better than text.

Text has become so narrowed down that people are reading just 28% of all the text on a website; most of the text-based marketing methods that businesses use is simply not converting like it once was.
There is also a psychology beyond this video type. These videos:

  • – Work well for visual learners.
  • – Work well for bimodal learners (those that have no preference).
  • – Work well with verbal learners.

Explainer videos have all of these learning methods built-in. This is done with:

  • – Professional voice-overs.
  • – On-screen text.
  • – Visually stimulating animations.

This allows for optimal material retention, so viewers remember your business and what you have to offer. Clear and concise, most of these video scripts contain just 150 – 300 words. This is less than one page of text that is transformed into audio. Using the right script, the video will continually grab the viewer’s attention so that they continue watching the video until the very end.

While watching your video, consumers will:

  • – Increase interest in your business.
  • – Remember your business.
  • – Buy your product or service more often.

In the world of lead generation and marketing, nothing matters more than performance and profitability. While every business and video will have different data points, the base statistics are:

  • – Explainer videos increase conversions by 20% – 30%.
  • – 50% of viewers watch the entire video.
  • – 30% of all website viewers will start watching your explainer video.

It’s a proven fact that 52% people state that watching a video about a business’s products or services makes them more confident in their purchasing decision. Executives are more likely to watch a video about your business than read text, and 39% of executives will call your business after watching your video.

In terms of profitability, explainer videos that are created properly will increase your sales greatly. They are the perfect, short marketing tool that businesses of all sizes are using to keep the attention of their viewers who need their attention-grabbing demands met within the initial 8 seconds of seeing your ad.

When used in an email marketing campaign, explainer videos increase click-through-rates by 200% – 300% on average.

Businesses that leverage video are more memorable and have an easier time building their brand than competitors that do not use explainer videos in their marketing plan. Driving more sales and customers to an offer is as easy as using professionally crafted, animated videos that entice your demographic through media-rich content.

Small businesses can use video effectively to boost sales. Large businesses are already using video in an effective manner. Dropbox is a prime example of a company that has reaped the benefits of using video. Adding a video to the front of their website increased revenue by 10%, or $48 million, on the year. Now that’s an impressive figure for any business.

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