How To Write a Great Script

Explainer videos are extremely effective when trying to make a memorable statement about your business. The script that carries the video can easily (and sometimes, solely) determine whether your venture will become a success. Though it may seem tedious, writing a captivating script for your explainer video doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. Understand fully what it is about your company that you want to be known. If you don’t have a solid understanding of your selling points, how do you expect to convey their benefits to your potential customers? Do some research if necessary and determine which pieces of information you want to broadcast.

2. Put the important information in first. Once you’ve gotten your information together, boil down all of the great things about your company that you wish to convey to a single, powerful sentence. This will truly show your viewers what it is you hope to help them discover by watching your video. Keeping their interest is the most important above all–grab it from the get-go.

3. Speak in comfortable terms. If you are writing a script about something niche and technical, it is okay to use jargon and industry-specific terminology. If you’re simply hoping to reach a large range of viewers with various interests and backgrounds, using more common language would better suit your needs. Know your audience, and consider them when constructing your video script.

4. Keep it short and sweet. The average internet video viewer will become distracted or bored after one minute or so if something in the video hasn’t already piqued their interest. It is often said that 90 seconds is the sweet spot–just long enough to get in all the fundamental points you want to make about your brand or company but not too long where your viewer will become disinterested.

5. Most importantly of all…have fun. The point of your video is to interest potential consumers of your product or services. Avoid being too cut and dry with your presentation. While it is important that you get in a few important details that will drive your viewers to action, it is equally as important that you keep them engaged long enough to do so. Use your endless imagination and bring out a whole new world with animation.

6. A common and successful method in explainer videos is storytelling. Recount a story about the way your product or service has improved someone’s life: introduce a problem a character is having, briefly describe your brand, demonstrate the way the character in your story solved a problem with your product, and complete it with a call to action at the end.

7. Humor is another great way to keep a human element to your video that will allow viewers to connect to the company, making it easier for them to purchase and try things out for themselves. Make sure your humor is appropriate to your intended audience and doesn’t detract from what you are trying to say.

8. Finally, complete your video with a specific call to action. Choose only one method per presentation, such as following on social media or downloading your app.

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