What Goes Into Creating an Animation Video

Our animation videos are split up into a 6 step process. By breaking everything up into segments the process runs very smoothly.

Step 1: Script

The script is the backbone of your video. It is what we base all of the scenes and characters off of. It is how you tell the story of your business or product. A well written script is a pivotal part in the creation of an amazing video. This is one of the most important parts of the animation video process. The funny thing is, this step has nothing to do with actual animations.

We first like to get to know our clients and their business. What field of business they are in, who their customers are, who their competitors are and what sets them apart from others. Often times we will ask for an outline or bullet points about the business. From this, our team of writers will develop a script. Alternatively we allow businesses to create and submit their own scripts. Once we have this step completed we move on to making the script come alive.

Step 2: Voiceover

We have a relationship with a professional voiceover studio. Everything is recorded with state of the art equipment and we usually use our favorite artist Mike. He has over 10 years experience doing voiceovers and will make your script pop. Once it is recorded we send to you for review. If it all sounds good we move on to the next stage.

Step 3: Storyboarding

This is the stage where we actually map out what is going to happen in the video. We break the script up into sections, almost like a comic book. In each section we do quick sketches outlining what will be happening during that period. This helps us outline exactly what we need to do on the next phase.

Step 4: Illustrating/Drawing[/button]

This is where we create all of the scenes and characters for the video. We handcraft each illustration, not just using a template like some other companies do. Each scene is broken up and focused on one by one. Once all the scenes are created we go to the next step.

Step 5: Animation and Sound

This is where we make the scenes all come to life. Making characters move, trucks drive, wind blow, doors open etc…! To complement all the animations we insert sound effects. The voiceover is also added, tying everything together.

[button] Step 6: Delivery[/button]

Our favorite part! Sending you the video files and typically hearing back “I LOVE it!”. We send you all of the files you need to upload the video wherever you would like. We also offer assistance in setting them up on your website, youtube or vimeo if you need it.

This entire process normally takes around 2-3 weeks. Everything is handcrafted and we pay the utmost attention to every detail. Because of this we do not like to rush projects. We know these videos can be a huge marketing tool for your company, so we do our best to give you the best video we can!

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